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SLD Solutions provides real results that help our community. We work with all employees of public service. SLD Solutions believes in spreading awareness and prides ourselves on reaching out and educating everyone about their federal loan relief options and applicable forgiveness programs

We help people select a student loan repayment plan that is manageable and affordable. There are income-based options that could help you pay off your loans if you’re struggling to make payments under the standard plan. Many of these income-based repayment plans include some type of undisclosed student loan forgiveness program

The public service loan forgiveness (PSLF) program was established to encourage individuals to enter and continue in full-time public service employment

The program allows you to receive forgiveness of the remaining balance of your direct loans after you have made 120 qualifying monthly payments while working full time for a qualifying employer.

If you have not made a payment in over 270 days your loans will go into default. When this occurs they typically transfer over from a student loan servicing company to a collection agency. Once we are able to help rehabilitate your loan, you will regain eligibility for benefits that were available on your loan previously to your loans defaulting. Those benefits may include deferment, forbearance, an affordable and manageable repayment plan, loan forgiveness, and eligibility for additional student loan forgiveness  aid.

If you’re finally ready  to regain control of your student loan debt, and get your student loans out of default using student loan rehabilitation please contact SLD Solutions.

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