Is this forgiveness truly possible?

In reality it would be too good to be true if the loans were to be forgiven the moment one enrolled. There are many different programs and forgiveness types. however, the forgiveness programs are spread out monthly over a term of 120/240/300 months based on qualifications.

 At this point, the objective is to have the loans paid off and that is why the programs are stretched out over a period of time to give you a chance to make payments that are fair to your situation. 

Why would the government forgive my loans?

This is because student loan debt is at 1.5 trillion dollars nationwide and it is the only form of debt that not even bankruptcy can resolve. 

 Federal student loans are a huge problem in America. 

 Some students either could not complete school or never truly found themselves using the degrees they pulled an obscene amount of loans for. Others are in their field, but are not compensated properly. Due to these situations becoming more of a common denominator in the realm of student loans, the federal government made these forgiveness options available. 


Is it for sure that I will be enrolled into the program?


How much in student loan forgiveness can you receive?


What is Public Service Loan Forgiveness program?


How do you become eligible for public service loan forgiveness?


Can my loans be forgiven if I declare bankruptcy?


The programs are income-driven and are conscious of your financial situation. As long as all the information provided to us is true once we fully qualify you then your enrollment will without any doubt go through.

This depends on the loan forgiveness program you apply to. In some cases, you may even qualify for up to 100% loan forgiveness.

An incentive for college graduates to work full-time in the public service sector ˆ i.e. police, teachers, nurses, firefighters, etc. ˆ for 10 years to qualify for forgiveness on what’s left of the student loan debt.

You must be a full-time employee at a qualified public service organization and make 120 separate, on-time loan payments. You also must be in a qualifying repayment program.

With rare exception, student loans cannot be discharged in bankruptcy court. Many people who complete bankruptcy must continue to pay on their student loans. If your student loan payments are unaffordable, consider consolidating under an income-based repayment plan for a lower monthly payment.